A cocktail recipe you’ll fall in love with this Valentine’s Day

Whether it’s an intimate dinner or casual get together, get ready to be smitten with Roku’s best Valentine’s Day cocktail recipe yet. Celebrating the day of love with your “koibito” (Japanese translation for sweetheart)? Why not make it extra special with a fun and flirty drink inspired by Japanese artisans. Think pink – the colour of love and desire – with Roku’s Sakura Shower, which is easy to make and will leave your koibito impressed.

The tantalising sakura-esque aroma lingers just beyond the tip of your nose, as if the petals are falling all around you.


Roku 50ml 

White Vermouth 25ml 

Absinth 10ml 

Angostura bitters 1 dash

Method: Combine all ingredients together and shake well.

Roku Japanese Gin is a handcrafted gin made with six distinct Japanese botanicals. These high-quality botanicals, harvested from Japan's best growing areas each season, include sencha and gyokuro teas for summer, as well as the Sakura flower and leaf for spring. Sansho pepper, which represents the winter botanical, adds a unique taste to the harmonious flavours of Roku Japanese Gin, as does the peel of yuzu fruit, which finishes the harmonious flavours of Roku Japanese Gin.

The six botanicals are distilled using a variety of different pot stills, each chosen to ensure the best flavour is extracted from each botanical. As a result, the gin is complex yet harmonious, with a smooth and silky texture.

Roku can also be served on the rocks or a classic Gin & Tonic. The Japanese Gin & Tonic is served with ice and ginger slices to complement the refreshing and citrus top notes of yuzu.

Roku Japanese Gin is available at a recommended retail price of R380 in major retailers nationally; Makro, Pick n Pay, Checkers, and selected TOPS at Spar.  You can also order online through Takealot, Norman Goodfellows and others. 

For more information, please visit http://www.suntory.co.jp/wnb/rokugin/