A foolproof Valentine’s Day gift guide

In a sea of chocolates, flowers, and mini teddy bears, depart from the usual go-to’s and gift your Valentine with something that speaks to their unique tastes and that they’ll love. With only a few days to go you don’t have much time so consider the gifts below to wow the special one that has your heart.  

For the one that loves to be wined and dined

Coco Chanel once wisely said, “I only drink champagne on two occasions, when I am in love and when I am not.” This is definitely an occasion that calls for a glass or two of bubbles! What better way to toast the special moment than with a glass of CAP Classique Extra Brut Rosé 2019 from Black Elephant Vintners?

Why choose this delightful MCC? Because it's the epitome of romance in a glass, it’s fun with bubbles, and it’s bursting with love. So, don your best shades of pink and let the love festivities commence!

The 2019 Pinot Noir Rose MCC originates from a single vineyard nestled in the Franschhoek valley. The Pinot Noir grapes undergo meticulous hand-harvesting and are chilled overnight in a cold room to maintain their fruit integrity. Employing a reductive handling process, the fruit is carefully picked in the early morning, followed by two days of cold settling and a gentle whole bunch pressing using the traditional champagne method to clarify the juice. A maximum of 500l/ton is recovered at this stage. The juice is then inoculated with selected Champagne yeast to enhance freshness and elegance during fermentation in old French oak barrels, lasting 14 days at 16°C. Post-fermentation, the wine enjoys six months of full lees contact with regular battonage for added richness and texture. After stabilising, the base wine spends six months in the barrel before bottling for the second fermentation under a crown cap. The final touch includes 12 months of bottle ageing before disgorging.

For the one that loves to be pampered

If your Valentine enjoys pampering, book them in for their next manicure or barber appointment. Sure, vouchers are nice, but by going the extra mile to book and pay for the service ahead of time it shows that you know where they like going and roughly when they would need to go next which’ll score you those brownie points on the day of love.

You could even try your hand at a DIY project to show them the depth of your devotion. A soothing bath filled with a homemade peppermint and lavender bath salt concoction won’t break the bank and it will make for a perfect surprise on Wednesday evening.

Ingredients:500g Epsom salt (widely available at most pharmacies and health stores)A sprinkle of dried lavender flowers A sprinkle of dried peppermint leaves 5 drops of peppermint essential oil 10 drops of lavender essential oil

Instructions:Mix all of your dry ingredients together: the Epsom salt, lavender flowers and dried peppermint leaves. Then mix your oily ingredients together in a cup and mix well using a utensil of your choice. Combine the dry and oily mixes together and mix both elements thoroughly. Pour the final mix into a decorative jar or bowl and your gift is complete.

For the comfort queen

N3YH’s latest fashionable and sustainable pink shorts set made from bamboo fabric is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the special woman in your life. Whether it’s for your partner, your girls or you just feel like spoiling yourself. The brand combines eco-friendliness with trendiness that results in comfortable, yet stylish outfits. N3YH’s range of activewear, loungewear and now summer pyjama sets are ethically and locally made in Cape Town, South Africa.

The set consists of a matching short-sleeved, button-down, collared shirt with high-waisted, elasticated waistband shorts made from the softest bio-based bamboo fabric which ensures a cooling, smooth and breathable feeling on the skin - giving you the ultimate comfort you deserve after a long summers day.

For the at-home cocktail connoisseur

If your passionate mixologist lover is striving to deepen their knowledge of the art then a cocktail recipe book could make a fantastic gift, and one that they can reference for years to come! Pair the book of your choice with a beginner’s cocktail making kit with a shaker, strainer, jigger and a festive glass set and you’ll be cheersing to a successful Valentine’s Day in no time.

Alternatively, you could immerse yourself in the artistry of love by surprising your loved one with a delectable Roku Japanese Gin cocktail creation, the "Sakura Spark." Crafted to captivate the senses and set the mood for a night of romance, this bespoke cocktail adds a touch of elegance to your celebration.

Sakura Spark Cocktail Recipe

Ingredients:50ml Roku Japanese Gin20ml Lychee Liqueur15ml Hibiscus Syrup10ml Fresh Lemon JuiceSplash of Sparkling WaterEdible Flower Petals for Garnish

Instructions: In a shaker, combine Roku Japanese Gin, Lychee Liqueur, Hibiscus Syrup, and fresh Lemon Juice. Shake well and strain the mixture into a chilled glass. Top with a splash of Sparkling Water. Garnish with delicate edible flower petals for a touch of romance.

Indulge in the Sakura Spark, where the floral notes of Sakura from Roku Japanese Gin harmonise with the sweetness of lychee and the vibrant essence of hibiscus. This exquisite blend is a celebration of love and the art of fine mixology.

Roku Japanese Gin, with its unique botanical blend, including Sakura flower, sencha, gyokuro teas, and more, provides the perfect foundation for crafting exceptional cocktails. Elevate your Valentine's Day experience by trying the Sakura Spark or explore other Roku-inspired concoctions.