Sip, Savour and Explore – Three Delicious Ways To Enjoy Roku Japanese Gin!

When the warm weather rolls in, get ready to break out your favourite refreshing drinks. While we've enjoyed staying cozy all season with mulled wine and piping hot chocolates, we're more than a bit ready to embrace these spring-y cocktail recipes proving that winter is on its way out.

Whether enjoyed neat, savored in a classic Roku Highball cocktail, or experimenting with creative concoctions like the Roku Clover Club cocktail or a Roku Sour. Roku Japanese Gin offers a wide range of delicious ways to step up your game this cocktail season.


Roku                              37,5ml 

Rhubarb Liqueur           25ml 

Pink tonic                     90ml 

Method: Shake all ingredients. Garnish with small size flower and a slice of lime.


Roku Japanese Gin        50ml 

Egg white/Cellulose       15ml 

Lemon juice                  20ml 

Sugar syrup                   20ml 

Muddled Raspberries    5 

Method:    Pour ingredients into a blender and blitz. Strain over ice in a tumbler. Dust with cinnamon.


Roku                60ml 

Matcha tea       5 grams 

Egg white         1 

Yuzu juice         10ml 

Lemon juice      10ml 

Simple syrup     10ml  

 Method:  Add egg whites to shaker and shake to aerate. Add Roku, simple syrup and matcha tea and shake. Top with some lemon juice and strain into chilled martini glass.

Enhance your tasting experience by sipping on Roku Japanese Gin neat or over ice. Embrace the delicate notes of cherry blossom, the zesty aroma of Yuzu, and the gentle spice of Sansho pepper that dance on your palate, making it a truly unique and captivating spirit. Enjoy a traditional and revitalizing experience by treating yourself to a Roku Japanese Gin Highball cocktail. Explore the limitless potential of Roku Japanese Gin in creating extraordinary cocktails by letting your creativity go. 

Roku Japanese Gin is available at a recommended retail price of R380 in major retailers nationally; Makro, Pick n Pay, Checkers, and selected TOPS at Spar.  You can also order online through Takealot, Norman Goodfellows and others. 

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