3 steps to creating the ultimate home cinema

The past two years have left as all experimenting and entertaining in different ways. We’ve changed our work lives, social lives and, importantly, our homes. It comes as no surprise that the longer-than-normal time we’ve spent at home has resulted in increased viewership of entertainment – whether you’re bingeing the latest crime drama or catching up on much-loved live sport. It’s safe to say we’ve grown to love our days inside.

A classic pastime is movie night and, at many points, you’ve probably transformed a cosy spot in your home into an ideal downtime viewing space. To make the most of movie marathons, sports celebrations, and series extravaganzas, up the ante with the ultimate home cinema experience. Here’s how...

Comfortable space, comfortable seating

First thing’s first. Choose the right area for your cinema space. The ultimate home cinema is a good combination of comfort and enhanced viewing. Devote a space to your screen time, like a spare room, or simply adapt your lounge. Comfortable seating is crucial for movie-watching and is, of course, incomplete without the right snack by your side. You can choose between a comfortable sofa, recliner, armchair, or even beanbag. Additionally, where you sit matters. An ideal viewing angle is at 35 degrees to your screen; anything greater than 40 degrees can feel overwhelming.

The best tech for home viewing 

The ultimate home cinema requires the right equipment. And, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a wall-to-wall TV screen. You can feel in control of your wall (and space) with a projector. Fortunately, there are many compact styles to choose from, and the Acer X1128i Projector is top-of-the-line. 

This projector is ideal for streamlining your home cinema experience. It gives you crystal-clear images with up to 4,500 Lumens Brightness and vibrant colour with the Acer ColorSafe II feature for sharp viewing in SVGA Resolution. It also takes you beyond the size of television as the images seem to jump into your living from the HDMI 3D Display.

The Wireless Projection allows you to automatically connect to Wi-Fi to use popular streaming apps via an app store. When you’re not deep in an epic plot twist, you might want to catch the latest in sport, but you can still continue your cinematic experience in Football Mode. Your eyes might grow heavy at some point, but at least it won’t be from unnecessary strain; Acer BlueLightShield technology is included in this device. 

Lastly, find the best spot for your smart projector – real home cinema enthusiasts will place it under a coffee table or attach it to the ceiling.

Get the lights!  

Just when you think you’ve nailed your ultimate home cinema setup and are about to relax, you realise that you forgot to get the lights. And it’s important to create the right ambience for your newfound cinema experience. While dim overhead lights are ideal, you can maintain a low level of lighting through table lamps and designated side tables for each spot. 

With an amazing home cinema experience, there’s no need to queue for movies or settle for stale popcorn. Incorporate these tips and you’ve arrived at the ultimate cinematic bliss in the comfort of your own abode!