AXOR Icons: Timeless Design for the Discerning Individual

What makes an icon? It's more than just enduring style; a true icon transcends trends and adapts to any environment. At AXOR, an icon should also be a canvas for personal expression. That's the essence of AXOR Icons – a collection of faucets and showers designed in collaboration with world-renowned talents, each a masterpiece in its own right.

Crafted to Last, Designed to InspireSince 1993, AXOR has partnered with visionary designers like Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio, Jean-Marie Massaud, and Barber Osgerby. Together, we've created objects that are not only exquisitely crafted but also push the boundaries of design. These enduring pieces stand the test of time and place, becoming the foundation for bathrooms that reflect your unique personality. 

A Spectrum of Styles for Every VisionThe AXOR Icons collection offers a faucet or shower to resonate with every taste.

  • AXOR Starck V: Sculpted from crystal glass, this faucet by Philippe Starck transforms water flow into a mesmerising vortex, captivating both the dreamer and the realist with its blend of magic and engineering.
  • AXOR Massaud: Designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, this faucet embodies organic sensuality. Its minimalist form and waterfall spray delight nature lovers and eclectic enthusiasts alike.
  • AXOR Organic Starck: Philippe Starck's AXOR Organic Starck celebrates nature's beauty while embracing innovation. Its ergonomic design and water-saving features entice the naturalist and the futurist with its promise of comfort and sustainability.
  • AXOR Citterio: Antonio Citterio's AXOR Citterio is a testament to Italian neoclassicism. With its timeless Proportions and polished surfaces, it speaks to both the classicist and the modernist.
  • AXOR Starck: Inspired by the well pump, this faucet by Philippe Starck reduces form to its essence, highlighting the pure luxury of water. It resonates with the pragmatist seeking beauty in simplicity and the expressivist who reinterprets tradition for a personal touch.
  • AXOR One: This collection by Phoenix Design offers a cohesive design language of elegance and functionality. With its slender silhouettes, balanced proportions, and iconic faucets, AXOR One provides a perfect foundation for creating a sophisticated bathroom haven.

AXOR Icons: A Legacy of Design ExcellenceAXOR Icons are more than just faucets and showers; they are design objects that elevate your bathroom into a sanctuary of self-expression. Explore the collection and discover the perfect piece to reflect your unique vision. Let AXOR be your partner in creating a bathroom that is as timeless as it is personal.