Enjoy the holidays with the Aquno Select M81

The award-winning design that is a gift unto itself

The holiday season is upon us and ‘tis the season to be jolly! ‘Tis also the season to unwrap a whole new level of kitchen with an all-new award-winning mixer.

A New Era of Kitchen Mixer

The highest quality ingredients might be what makes a great meal, we believe it begins with the preparation of the food – that’s why hansgrohe has developed the Aquno Select M81. The newest kitchen mixer complementing the range heralds the dawn of a new age within the kitchen. The design has been perfected for effortlessly easy workflows, optimising your experience at the sink and conserving water at the same time.

The unique design of the Aquno means water flows in a new way with innovative technologies, new spray types and overall usability. Boasting a ComfortZone of 170cm and a swivel range of up to 150°, ensuring that you have all the space that you need to work comfortably at the sink. Improving flexibility at the sink even more, the pull-out function increases the reach of the mixer around the sink, assisting to fill large containers without having to lift them from the work top in and out of the sink.

A New Era of Innovation

The hallmark feature is the SatinFlow flat-spray jet, which sits at the base of the faucet. This jet minimises splashing due to its ingenious positioning and the angle of the water. It is ideal for washing foods and vegetables without bruising or ruining them. It is also highly water-conscious with an optimised flow rate of 4 litres per minute that will reduce your impact on the environment and lower your energy costs.

The laminar spray is excellent for normal uses, such as filling containers or washing up, while the shower is great for a quick rinse. Improving the workflow even more, the SelectButton situated on the base of the mixer, lets you easily switch between the spout and the flat-spray at the bottom with a simple touch of a button. A second button situated on the spout ensures that you can switch between laminar and shower spray while the hose is pulled-out and being used.

A Flagship Design

The monolithic design has a single-lever handle on the side for turning water on and off, emphasising the synergy between angles and curves. This combination of flat and curved features transforms this flagship product into the new archetype of perfected design in the kitchen. Finish your Aquno in either Matt Black, Chrome, or Stainless Steel to match your taste.

Sublime Supplements

hansgrohe’s multifunctional sieve is a new design that works perfectly with the Aquno Select M81’s flat-spray jet. Tailored to the exact dimensions of the SatinFlow spray, the included multifunction sieve helps you conveniently clean and drain food, avoiding contact with the sink and ensures a hands-free operation which lets you get to work on the next step of the meal prep.

If space is an issue or you would like to free up other areas of your kitchen, then hansgrohe’s mobile drainboard is perfect for you, tailored to fit snugly on your hansgrohe sink. This lets you dry your cutlery and crockery without a fuss and gives you that little bit of extra prep room as you work.

Be A Winner

The Aquno Select M81 is an award-winning kitchen tap for a reason. Don’t settle for anything less than gold.

‘Tis the season, after all.


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