LG introduces hygienic, protective clothing care with the Styler Steam Closet

LG Electronics South Africa has officially launched another innovative product to their laundry product range. The LG Styler Slim Steam Closet with mirrored glass finish and cutting-edge TrueSteam™ technology will be available in stores from late August.

With LG’s Styler, many challenging tasks are a thing of the past. Finally, there’s an appliance that helps get rid of unpleasant smells, harmful pollutants, and persistent wrinkles, without running the risk of damage. Thanks to LG’s SmartThinQ™ technology and Wi-Fi enabled functions, customers will also be notified when garments are clean and ready. Trips to the dry cleaner are a thing of the past, as garments can now be cleaned and refreshed at home.

With its mirror finish, scratch-resistant tempered glass door, and intuitive LED controls, this innovative steam closet is a game changer. It’s guaranteed to be a powerful addition to any laundry room, entrance hall or closet. “Because it’s our mission to deliver lifestyle solutions that elevate home spaces in terms of technology and convenience, we’re excited to introduce the Styler to South African consumers,” says Carol Guedes, Sales Head of Home Appliances at LG Electronics South Africa. “It’s truly the epitome of clothing care innovation.”   

The power of steam 

LG has taken the cleaning power of steam to a new level and put it to work refreshing clothing garments, removing stubborn wrinkles, and eliminating harmful bacteria to keep clothes fresh between washes. The Styler is ideal for those delicate or high-care items that can’t be washed frequently or are dry-clean only.

As the water heats and reaches an appropriate steaming level, it pushes through the fibres of the clothing, removing bacteria. Allergens such as pollen and dust mites don’t stand a chance and are eradicated in the steam clean process. And, as the steam loosens the fibres of the clothing’s fabric, wrinkles are released, leaving behind fresh, odourless, and wrinkle-free clothing.

LG leveraged these benefits to deliver a stylish laundry solution that’s gentler on clothing fibres and provides a fast, effective way to refresh garments. As a bonus, you can add your favourite scent to leave your clothes smelling fresh.

Sanitise with chemical-free TrueSteam® technology

The LG Styler's deep-penetrating TrueSteam™ consists of pure water with no chemical additives. It takes care of clothes all year round by killing up to 99.9% of allergens and bacteria, after each cycle. It can also be used to sanitise everyday items like baby carriers, helmets, school uniforms, bedding, caps, and soft toys that are typically difficult to wash. There’s no need to be exposed to hazardous substances generated during dry cleaning.

Damage-free clothing care

Working in conjunction with TrueSteam™ technology, the LG Styler features a gentle Moving Hanger that literally shakes away light wrinkles and unpleasant odours. The Pants Crease Care function eliminates wrinkles and keeps items looking sharp with a crisp crease line. 

Customers can professionally take care of precious items such as suits, knitwear, lingerie, silk shirts, bedding, leather jackets, and temperature-controlled sportswear that can’t be treated in traditional washers and dryers. Simply select the Gentle Dry feature and download customised cycles for these special fabrics.

Bring smart convenience home Featuring SmartThinQ™ technology, the LG Styler allows customers to operate activity or monitor precious garments from anywhere, anytime. Options allow customers to select and start a cleaning cycle, track energy consumption, check for problems, receive a recommendation on the best cycle control, or use the Cycle Download functionality to add newly developed care cycles.

 Find out more about this innovative and newly launched product here.