Liven up your home with Dulux Colour of the Year 2023

The wonderful time of the year is upon us and that means you have probably been thinking about sprucing up your home for the holidays. 

This December, particularly, is one we are all looking forward to as some of us will be seeing friends and families we haven’t seen in a while as life slowly gets back to normal. 

Dulux recently launched their Colour of the Year – Wild Wonder™ and what better way to get your house in tip top shape than with a fresh coat of paint. So, whether you want to change the look and feel of the bedroom, lounge, or kitchen we have some tips for you on how you can create the magic of nature in your home with the Lush palette from the Dulux Colour of the Year 2023.

“The Lush palette is inspired by the plant-filled habitats of gardens, forests and woodlands, this soothing palette gives a comforting and familiar feel to a space. Connecting with nature makes us feel better, and the soothing forest tones in our Lush palette can create an atmosphere of rootedness and support”, says Palesa Ramaisa, Dulux Colour Expert.

Create a soothing living spaceA two-tone split wall in Lush colours creates a warm and tranquil feel in this light and airy living space. “The combination of Wild WonderTM and soft green highlights the proportions of the room while making it feel cosy. Lush colours like Khaki Green work perfectly with natural elements, so bring in plenty of greenery to complete the look,” adds Ramaisa.

Be colour-creative in the bedroom

Lush colours might be rooted in nature but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used for a grand gesture. “Here, an oversized arch, painted in soft green and outlined with a band of Dulux Colour of the Year 2023, Wild WonderTM, creates a dramatic trompe l’oeil bedhead against a peaty purple wall,” says Ramaisa.

Which colours?

Generous Grey 38RR 15/026Mouse

Tail 52GY 24/050

Wild Wonder™ 50YY 49/191

Kaki Daylight 20GY 46/067 (ceiling)

Paint yourself a checkerboard wall

Used in combination, Lush shades are perfect for adding a splash of personality without overpowering a room. “Created by painting narrow stripes (in soft lilac and Dulux Colour of the Year 2023, Wild WonderTM) against a soft green wall, this checkerboard feature adds a playful touch to a child’s room while keeping a sense of tranquillity,” advises Palesa.

Which colours?

Kaki Daylight 20GY 46/067

Silver Mauve 70RB 50/062

Wild Wonder™ 50YY 49/191

Connect a kitchen with colour

Use colour to give each area in an open plan space its own personality while creating a visual connection. Here, soft lilac walls bring a kitchen and dining space together, while Wild WonderTM, used on the back wall adds a positive burst of warmth.

Which colours?

Cosmic Sea 10RB 47/036

Generous Grey 38RR 15/026

Wild Wonder™ 50YY 49/191

Make a few small changes to liven your space up, re-energize your home and feel connected with nature with the Dulux Colour of the Year 2023 Lush palette, with its soothing colours inspired by the tones you find in woodlands and forests, can help you feel in touch with the natural world.

Discover how Wild Wonder™ and the new Dulux Colour of the Year palettes could transform your home with the Dulux Visualizer App. It’s the perfect companion to help provide a little colour guidance for your unique style.