Outdoors Goes Organic

Core Furniture, one of South Africa's premier distributors of European furniture brands, is excited to unveil Vondom's Milos outdoor collection. 

The Milos collection represents Vondom's inaugural collaboration with French designer Jean-Marie Massaud, demonstrating how simplicity and functionality can harmonize to produce an elegant and comfortable outdoor furniture range. Marked by gentle curves, this collection prioritizes comfort.

 Soft, enveloping shapes, high-comfort materials, and organic, nurturing curves exemplify a trend in interior and exterior design drawing inspiration from nature. Milos epitomizes this trend, resembling a collection of rocks delicately shaped by winds and waves, reminiscent of a typical Mediterranean landscape. Nature serves as the muse for Milos, and Massaud adeptly captures this essence through his selection of materials and diverse textures. The modular sofa and two armchair designs, constructed from wood and polyurethane, beckon you to unwind and relax. The low tables, formed from a combination of light cement and wood, along with rotomoulded planters boasting a stucco finish, contribute to the ensemble's rustic aesthetic. 

Milos stands out as an incredibly versatile collection of flavours. The pleasing shapes of the Milos pieces uplift your mood, inviting you to savour the moment—whether it's during the day in the sun, an evening spent stargazing, or enjoying festivities with friends. These distinct pieces seamlessly fit into modern surroundings or blend harmoniously with an outdoor landscape, whether in a residential setting or on a spacious hotel terrace. Milos embodies a casual, comfortable, and adventurous spirit, ensuring that you feel at ease no matter the occasion.

For more information: www.corefurniture.co.za