Setting the Standard for Three Decades

For AXOR, luxury is the creation of experience out of form and function, something that appeals to the senses and touches people. It is the creation of something which conveys the aspiration for perfection in every step of the manufacturing and every contour of the design.

It is the individuality of every AXOR mixer, shower and accessory; a uniqueness that speaks volumes.

A History of Success

Celebrating their 30th birthday this year, AXOR has been instrumental in shaping the evolution of the bathroom with the creation of avant-garde pieces and collections – some of which are considered among the most important icons of bathroom design to this day. They create products that are not only stylish and beautiful but also highly functional and designed to make the everyday tasks of using the bathroom or kitchen more comfortable and efficient with a luxurious feel.

What sets AXOR apart is that they work with a host of internationally renowned designers and architects, each of whom adds a personal touch to the products they shape with their imagination and flair, and the passion shines through in every detail with AXOR’s extensive variety of styles.

The renowned artists that have contributed to the AXOR aesthetic include Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio, Jean-Marie Massaud, Patricia Urquiola and Barber & Osgerby. Their designs range from the exquisitely minimalist to the avantgarde and are simultaneously innovative and timeless, making sure you’re “on trend” every time.

The Range

With AXOR, your design choices become a personal statement that speaks volumes about who you are. The flawless functionality only adds to the pleasure of the aesthetic experience.

AXOR MyEdition

The AXOR MyEdition range brings an entirely new level of customisation to the most intimate space in your home. Its most unique feature is the mounting plate, which accommodates the user’s design of choice. AXOR MyEdition has over 225 combination choices of material, finishes and design possibilities to choose from, for the ultimate in personalised bathroom design – no matter what kind of aesthetic you prefer.

AXOR Starck

The Starck range’s signature feature is that it is rigorously cylindrical with a diagonal spout. Starck mixers make a minimalist statement with their basic form derived from the historical hand pump – the first and most elementary object that made water available. Starck truly pays homage to the purity of water and its beauty.

AXOR Montreux

The AXOR Montreux mixer elegantly reinterprets the design features of the early 20th century with its precision and workmanship. The collection combines the design of the first industrially manufactured mixers from the turn of the last century with the latest technology and modern functionality. It embodies classic, authentic industrial bathroom design with couplings, valves and pipes for a richly detailed look. AXOR Montreux takes you on an authentic, historical journey back in time to the days of industrialisation.

AXOR ONE – Compact luxury

Barber Osgerby (Edward Barber und Jay Osgerby) have captured the true essence of compact luxury with the AXOR One collection, with its sleek design, purely pleasurable functionality and inimitable class entirely unto its own.

With the AXOR One collection of slender, elegant forms, even if space is at a premium, quality is non-negotiable. AXOR One generously melds purity and sophistication with perfectly interactive precision and control. AXOR One wash basin mixers combine elemental forms with ultra-precise Select technology, for push-button control.

AXOR One overhead showers bring curved geometry in design to life and the hand showers are defined by monolithic forms, driven by the power and relaxation of variable Rain and PowderRain spray types. The AXOR One floor-standing bathtub tap tops the overall look off with its sleek, archetypal form, distinguished by a high parabolic spout.

Open-ended design – your vision, your way

Everyone is different, and with the exclusive AXOR FinishPlus range and AXOR Signature services, there are more individualisation options to choose from. Custom design your taps and finishes for the ultimate in personalised design, with colour choices including:

- Polished or Brushed Black Chrome

- Brushed Nickel

- Stainless Steel Optic

- Brushed Brass

- Brushed Bronze

- Polished or Brushed Red Gold

- Polished or Brushed Gold Optic

- And more…

The Highest Pedigree

AXOR has won hundreds of design awards in its three decades and in conjunction with its roll call of leading designers, including a number of iF Design Awards. AXOR consistently ranks in the top 10 on the iF World Design Index, affirming the company’s leading position in the bathroom industry.

AXOR. Form follows Perfection.