3 Fun ways to get moving when the weather warms up

Summer is almost upon us, which means it’s finally time to bust out your summer wardrobe and head outside. In South Africa, summertime coincides with the festive season so there’s always something on the go, whether it’s family time, an outdoor festival, or just hanging out in the garden at home. With such an abundance of activities on offer, it’s easy to slip out of your usual fitness routine. Here are three tips to help you stay on track when the weather heats up. 

 Try a shorter session 

While longer days present the perfect opportunity to enjoy a post-work jog during the week, you can also try incorporating shorter exercises throughout the day. There are loads of at-home workouts available online or exercises you can do at your desk or from the couch. Do a couple of jumping jacks or crunches while you wait for the oven to preheat or count some squat sets in the living room while you watch your favourite series. You might be surprised how many reps you can squeeze in in 20 minutes. Push yourself to beat the previous day’s record, and you’ll be thanking your commitment in no time. 

These simple movements might be just what you need to clear your head and centre your thoughts before readying yourself for the next day.

Head outdoors 

Make the most of the weather and head outside. Encourage friends and family to join you on a hike or an outing to the park. Pack a few snacks for when you reach your destination, and sit back as you reward yourselves for accomplishing the feat. Protein chips and bars make for easy, delicious and convenient snacks and, to keep the team refreshed, decant herbal teas or kilojoule-controlled aloe water into a flask. 

 Other fun, interactive outdoor activities include friendly games of soccer, cricket, netball, or even padel. Aside from the great physical rewards these sports offer, they’re also a great way to meet new people.

Incentivise yourself

It’s one thing to keep fit, but we’re all driven by the promise of a reward. Whether you’re working towards a fitter frame or simply want to take your wellness to the next level, remember to motivate yourself with a few incentives. If you want to tone up, set yourself a goal. For example, if you do 50 push-ups a day for a week, treat yourself to new gym shorts.

If you commit for a month, buy a smoothie maker. Having something to work towards is a great motivator to keep you moving forward and achieving your goals.

Your summer fitness depends on determination and consistency. To amplify your motivation, make sure to supplement your diet with drink mixes that are high in zinc, vitamin D and C, or a high-fibre alternative that supports your nutrition goals. It’s also wise to start your workout with a little help. Choose a delicious energy drink mix before exercising or whenever you need to get back on track. The warmer weather is here to stay and there's no better time to get outside and get moving. Remember that consistency is key, so don't overshoot your workouts this summer. Small amounts every day will make all the difference. So, put on your workout gear and enjoy the sunshine.