Innovators In Skin Protection – Introducing Sun Functional By Skin Functional

Sunscreen is without a doubt the most popular skincare product and the most powerful anti-ageing product on the market provided it is combined with consistency. It’s an essential product for skin health and skin care – with increased awareness around sun safety being prevalent on most platforms today. Innovation in sunscreen is also plentiful, however SKIN functional believes that effective formulation is key in offering overall protection without the tell-tale sign of visible residue. Research from consumer data analysis firm, Spate, shows a 609.7 percent growth in consumer searches for formulas that don’t leave a white cast.

Kevin Khosa, Customer Service Manager at SKIN functional said: “This is why we have developed an entirely new product-line within the company, set to focus only on sun care and sunscreen with tried and tested formulations that have proven to work and don’t leave that dreaded white cast after use. SUN functional products provide protection against UVA and UVB rays, do not leave a white cast and are made from clean ingredients. A study from the NDP Group revealed that the number of sun protection brands focusing on clean ingredients have doubled in size since 2018.”

SUN functional – the who, what, where, when and why answered

WHO: SUN functional is a new product-line of local skincare brand SKIN functional that is premised on SKINtelligence™ and producing products that have reproducible results™.

WHAT: This new product-line and as the name suggests is solely focussed on sun care and skin protection. The products currently includes a Mineral and a Chemical Sunscreen.

  • The Mineral Sunscreen is an SPF 50 and protects against 99% of UV radiation. It has also been tested to reduce pollution-induced free radicals by over 85% with extremely high-transparency zinc oxide to reduce signs of ageing. The product has been clinically proven to enhance skin moisture by over 90% in 24hrs and is non-nano, chemical-sunscreen-free, silicone-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, cruelty-free, FDA USA approved and leaves no white cast.
  • The Chemical Sunscreen is also SPF 50 and offers UVA + UVB Protection. This lightweight sunscreen also offers anti-ageing and anti-oxidant properties without leaving a grey or white cast.

 WHERE and WHEN: You will be able to find all these products on the SKIN functional website as well as all approved retailers country-wide in November 2022.

WHY: SKIN functional from inception has aligned itself toward producing products with optimal concentrations™ of effective and trusted ingredients to restore and maintain skin’s ideal functioning. Delivering potent treatments that bring you everything your skin needs with reproducible results™. As we approach Summer, there is a shift towards sun protection and an urgency to use sunscreen every day, whether indoors or outdoors, sunny or cloudy. Both the Chemical and Mineral sunscreens are broad spectrum SPF 50 and the perfect product for everyday use.

“Both sunscreens are sustainably sourced and made with the consumer in mind. A tip would be to choose a sunscreen that is suitable for all skin types, as your skin does not remain the same all year round and the environment does impact the characteristics of your skin. Choosing a sunscreen that has a high SPF and can be used for all seasons is easier on your pocket and your skin,” add Khosa.

Sun care is health care Health and wellness have certainly become the new luxury in a post-pandemic skincare world that we are slowly adjusting to. Vogue UK referred to it as the ‘skinification of beauty’ which basically lent itself to taking more time to achieve natural, healthy-looking skin without having to fake it with highlighters and primers.

With this new offering from the brand you will be able to get functional skincare products that have hardworking actives and hero ingredients to rejuvenate your skin at a more meaningful level. “Sunscreen will always be in demand and is now widely recommended and emphasised by doctors, aestheticians and beauticians as being one of the most important skin care requirements. In addition, having healthy skin will allow for simpler skincare routines and a minimalistic approach. Many of my clients are starting to realise that less is more and with SUN functional we hope to reinforce Skinimalism™ and encourage keeping your skin hydrated and protected which can make a big difference,” concluded Khosa.

SUN functional products will be available from 1 November 2022 on