Recharging after the mid-year slump: Tips to combat burnout and boost mental health

As we journey through the second half of 2023, South Africans have a palpable desire to boost their energy levels. While the year has brought its fair share of challenges, it's also brimming with potential. Instead of focusing on the physical toll, now’s the time to harness solutions that ensure our internal batteries are fully charged.
Meeting this call requires an approach that nourishes both body and mind. From the clear benefits of staying hydrated and the power of wholesome foods to the energising rhythm of movement and balance of mood management, there are a wealth of strategies at our fingertips. A fundamental place to begin? Prioritising hydration.

Stay hydrated
Water is the unsung hero of energy boosters. Our brains and bodies thrive on it, and even a slight drop in hydration can make us feel lethargic. Feeling slow? Try downing a glass of water before reaching for a sugary snack. Keeping a water bottle at hand with a splash of mango-flavoured aloe concentrate will help make sipping throughout the day enjoyable and can-do wonders for your energy levels and overall mood.
Sipping on chilled ice herbal teas can also be a soothing way to stay hydrated, whether sweet peach or zesty lemon for a subtle kick there is a tea blend for your every need.

Supercharge your hydration options
On especially active days, or when it's scorching outside, our bodies need a bit more than plain water or herbal teas. Electrolytes help balance the amount of water in your body and maintain optimal nerve and muscle function. Consider adding a splash of electrolyte drink mix to your water, especially if you're sweating more than usual. For sports fans, reaching for an option that increases water absorption is a clever idea. To take your workout to the next level, go for an effervescent energy drink that’s high in vitamin C or an energy drink that contains B vitamins for an instant kick.
Caffeine, when consumed mindfully, can be a fantastic pick-me-up. Try something like high-protein iced coffee. Another option is a specialty tea, an ideal in-between drink for ensuring sustained energy.

Manage your mood
Your emotions play a pivotal role in how energetic or drained you feel. It's essential to recognise when you're feeling down or overwhelmed. Remember, it's okay to take a break. Whether it's a short walk outside, listening to your favourite song, or chatting with a friend, find little ways to lift your spirits throughout the day.

Get moving
It might sound counterintuitive, but getting some exercise can increase your energy. It doesn't mean hitting the gym for an hour; a short walk around the block, some light stretches, or even dancing in your living room can get your blood pumping and give you that much-needed vitality boost.

Eat for energy
What you put into your body can significantly impact how you feel. Opt for whole foods and snacks rich in protein, fibre, and unsaturated fats. Think lean meats, nuts, seeds, and plenty of colourful veggies. Avoid heavy, greasy foods or high-sugar snacks that might give a short-lived sugar rush, followed by an energy crash.

Get enough sleep
It's no secret that a good night's sleep can set the tone for the following day. While the occasional late night is inevitable, try to maintain a consistent sleep routine. Ensuring you're catching enough shut eye will undoubtedly help in keeping you fresh and mentally alert.
The path to more energy and better mental wellbeing doesn't necessarily require grand gestures. Sometimes, the small, consistent habits make all the difference. So, remember these tips the next time you're feeling low on zoom.