Why Micellar Water Should Be A Skincare Staple

We are already well into month two of 2024 which means that we still have 10 months to go. With this in mind, it may seem difficult to keep up the momentum. When it comes to skincare - beauty experts and brands are approaching selfcare in the simplest way. Think ‘more is less’ and Functional MinimalismTM which allows for proper selfcare while being quick and seamless. We’re talking about quality over quantity when it comes to skincare. SKIN functional, a leading Proudly South Africa brand and the fastest growing skincare company in SA highlights Micellar Water as one product for this year that will change the way you do your skincare. 

Micellar water might be a relatively new skincare staple, but this refreshing liquid cleanser and makeup remover has quickly taken the beauty world by storm and garnered endorsements from makeup artists and dermatologists alike. While it’s most often used as a facial cleanser, the clear, watery liquid can be used in several other ways. 

What is Micellar Water?
Kevin Khosa, Skin Expert at SKIN functional explained that: “Micellar water is a purified water that contains micelles, which are tiny cleansing molecules that break down dirt, oil and impurities, cleansing the skin without the need to rinse with water after. These bi-functional micelles are attracted to water and the other to oil, allowing them to draw out impurities, including makeup and pollution, without stripping the skin’s natural oils.”

How does it work? 
Due to the gentleness of micellar water, it is the perfect choice for people who suffer with dry, inflamed or irritated skin that might be further exacerbated by traditional cleansing.  It also helps lift impurities that can remain on the skin even after cleansing, due to its intelligent structure that attracts dirt. “Studies show that micellar water is one of just a few cleansing formulations that actually help maintain and protect the skin barrier while it works,” added Khosa. 

You can use Micellar water to: 
- Cleanse your face

- Use as a leave on tonic 

- Remove your makeup and mascara

- To clean your makeup brushes

Why should you use Micellar Water? 
Not only is it a great way to cleanse your skin while still protecting your barrier, makeup artists swear by it for effectively lifting away makeup rather than smearing it around the skin. In addition, its gentle formulation promotes a healthy skin pH and prevents water from irritating skin. The micellar water effectively hydrates and soothes even the most inflamed areas, helping the complexion look plump and smooth, while also reducing redness. ·       If you want to even out and brighten your skin tone: look for one that contains brightening vitamin C. ·       If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin: it is advisable to avoid extra ingredients that could further irritate your face, like fragrances. Try a formula with a gentle add-in like soothing aloe that will calm inflammation or irritation.

How to use micellar water as a cleanser?
“The standard way to use micellar water as a cleanser is to wipe the face with a cotton pad soaked in this liquid magic. Then, continue wiping the face with additional micellar water-soaked pads as needed until the last one remains white. The water works by breaking down and removing any makeup, oil and impurities from pores, while the pads whisk it away,” explained Khosa. Should you be a double cleansing believer, or if you have oily and combination skin, Khosa recommends completing an additional cleansing step with a water-soluble foam or gel cleanser to ensure no unwanted residue remains and compromises your skin. “Simply wet skin and wash your face as normal with your preferred cleanser. Then, rinse fully and pat skin dry before applying your moisturiser and SPF to lock in hydration,” added Khosa.

SKIN functional  launched its brand new Micellar Water this month. Test data reveals that this micellar water shows an 80 percent increase in cell activity, a 65 percent reduction in cell proliferation after UV radiation, inhibits melanin by 68 percent and increases skin moisture by 12 percent. 

This micellar water has been formulated with rice ferment filtrate which is a by-product of the fermentation process of rice, which has been widely used in traditional Asian skincare practices for centuries. This natural ingredient is known for its numerous skin benefits, making it an essential component in many modern skincare products. This ingredient is rich in antioxidants and contains a compound that is known to brighten skin and even out complexion. Rice Ferment Filtrate possesses anti-inflammatory benefits and hydrating properties making it an excellent ingredient in soothing irritated skin, reducing redness and calm inflammation. Suitable for all skin types.  

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