Enjoy great experiences on a budget

By now it’s clear that the festive vibes of KeDezemba have fizzled out and the reality of JanuWorry, one that we South Africans know all too well, has set in. From rolling blackouts to the ever-increasing cost of living coupled with the fact that for many pay-day is still two weeks away, we can all agree that  “the pressure is in fact getting worser.”

Despite this, however, there are still ways for us to get the most enjoyment out of the month. Here are four ways to make JanuWorry fun.

Nature is priceless
There are national parks scattered all throughout South Africa, ready to be explored by solo visitors and groups alike. From picnics, to flower identification and hiking. For parents, visiting a national park is a cost effective way to take your little ones on an outing. Just grab a few goodies from your kitchen cupboards, pack it into a cooler bag and head off to a day of outdoor adventure. Simply type “national parks near me” or "nature reserves near me" into your search engine and select one that you’re most interested in visiting.

Make the most of markets
From farmers markets to flea markets, African craft markets and Oriental markets, one thing is clear - South Africans love a good market. This is because they have goodies to satisfy almost any likes and are suitable to all budgets. Most markets don’t have an entrance fee and don’t require you to purchase anything to have fun. You can simply window shop and in some instances enjoy live music performances. In Johannesburg, you can visit Maboneng Precinct or the Prison Break Market, amongst others. If you’re based in Cape Town consider visiting Woodstock’s Neighbourgoods Market or Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay, amongst others. If you are based anywhere else in South Africa, simply search for your nearest market and prepare for a day of fun.

Work from hotel
Loadshedding can be unpredictable and extensive and whilst there are apps like ESP, that keep us up to date with our loadshedding schedules, it doesn’t always account for unplanned power outages, leaving many who work from home in the dark. To prevent this and to feel as though you're still in a bit of a holiday mode, consider working from a hotel. Many hotels such as those from the Radisson Hotel Group have generators that keep the power on. Not only will this provide you with a change of scenery, for those extra uninspired days, but you don’t have to rush to make your next cup of coffee before the power goes out. You can enjoy a day of uninterrupted work, whilst enjoying the little pleasures of the hotel - like taking that dreaded Teams call from the pool area, whilst you enjoy a beverage.

Bring groove home
JanuWorry means many of us will be experiencing post-groove depression. As we scheme ways to make the last little bit of our money stretch until payday, partying is the last thing on our minds. But keeping to our budget doesn’t mean we don’t deserve to have a little bit of fun. You can bring groove home with you by listening to your favourite amapiano songs. Simply create a Spotify playlist with all of your club anthems and dance away - in the comfort of your own home.