Forget travel envy, let’s discuss travel fatigue

For those of us who are unable to travel but find joy in living vicariously through our favourite travel content creators, you may be beginning to notice a trend in the conversations happening online. Whilst our feeds are primarily still flooded with surreal snaps of dreamy destinations, a few content creators have opened up about travel fatigue and their subsequent plans to lay low during this festive season.

And you don’t have to be a content creator to be experiencing travel fatigue. Many of us have corporate jobs that require us to travel frequently, which can be equally exhausting.

Travel fatigue is the total exhaustion caused by an extended period of being on “alert” while you travel. It manifests as a lack of enthusiasm toward travel activities that usually excite you and a lack in your desire to enjoy local culture and cuisine. Like other types of burnout, travel fatigue is a feeling of deep weariness and disengagement.

There are a variety of things that cause travel fatigue, including an overloaded itinerary, jet lag and sleep deprivation as well as a lack of stability. The results of this being exhaustion, a suppressed immune system, feelings of stress or burnout as well as poor nutrition and excessive alcohol consumption in an attempt to self-soothe. This can all be summed up into two words - travel fatigue.

Industry experts from the Radisson Hotel Group offer tips and tricks on how to combat travel fatigue.
Prioritise around your body’s needsDuring your trip, make sure that you are listening to and prioritising your body’s needs. You can do this by consuming a well-balanced diet. When we’re on holiday we tend to overindulge on food, booze and caffeine and that’s perfectly fine - to an extent. Instead of limiting yourself to only eating healthy meals and not consuming alcohol or coffee, try to incorporate healthy consumption practices into your holiday routine. One way to do this is by packing healthy snacks like carrots, apples, and nuts, keeping your body hydrated by drinking lots of water and reducing your alcohol and caffeine intake. If you are flying abroad, make sure that you adjust your body’s internal clock by sleeping in accordance with the time zone of your destination. However, if you are really fatigued, having short naps of 15-20 minutes is fine.
Take a piece of home with youOften, travelling consists of a lot more socialising than you may be used to. And whilst it’s a great way to feel connected, it can be overwhelming for some. If you feel like your social battery has been depleted while on holiday, consider talking with a loved one that tends to relax you. You can also consider watching your favourite YouTuber, listening to your favourite podcast or simply watching your favourite Netflix series. Whatever your favourite everyday pastime is, enjoy it. This sense of familiarity and routine will bring you a sense of comfort.

Waking up at the crack of dawn, catching flights and trains, exploring your destination – all this takes a toll on your energy and makes you feel empty. If you feel like this, all you need to do is stay in your bed, watch movies, sleep – whatever works for you. Don’t feel guilty for taking some down time. Your body needs it.
Plan in advanceYou can avoid travel fatigue to a large extent by planning your travel well in advance. Book your hotel in advance and ask them about food availability. Research local food and shops online. You can also have a look at TripAdvisor and ask your friends and family for references. To further lessen your fatigue, make sure that you have packed all the travel sleep essentials with you including eye mask, earplugs, immune-boosting travel supplements, healthy snacks and so on. Also, have a closer look at your itinerary and see what all you are going to cover. This will help you in planning your days properly, and will also help you remember your goals.

If you still want to treat yourself, enjoy a daycation
With the festive spirit in the air, you may still be looking for ways to treat yourself to a quick getaway without the full commitment. Daycations are a great, stress-free way to do this and, in fact, can do wonders for your mental and emotional well-being.

The key to a great daycation experience,however, is finding a hotel that is a destination within itself. Radisson hotels for example offer a variety of onsite activities for you to enjoy without checking in. Go online to find the location of your local Radisson hotel where you can book to relax and enjoy a leisurely breakfast followed by a luxurious spa treatment, or summer cocktails while you take in breathtaking views of the city.