Franschhoek Celebrates its Re-Brand as 'The Valley of Dreams'

As one of South Africa's oldest towns; steeped in history, rich in fertile soils, activities aplenty and said to be the crown jewel of the country's culinary scene - Franschhoek is always worthy of celebration. 

After a 2-year hiatus, tourism is back on track with a fresh-face website and a new all-encompassing presence, Franschhoek is now known to locals and visitors alike as the 'Valley Of Dreams'. The recent summer season saw many visitors from near and far return to this holiday hotspot; shopping the main and side streets, enjoying fine wines, gourmet gold and the unrivaled views the village is so renowned for.  

The revival of the hospitality industry, post Covid19, is looking positive with a flurry of guests making the most of endless opportunities to get active and outdoors, breathe fresh air and explore the fifteen-plus wine farms that are uniquely grouped together within a 10km stretch. The need for a rebrand was perfectly timed with Covid wreaking havoc world-over, the positive outcome leading the local tourism team to refocus their efforts under this new brand vision, befitting of the tiered magic and many offerings available in the varied and verdant valley of Franschhoek.   

New experience offerings, innovative wine tastings, seasonal specials at world-class restaurants and events that continue to grow from strength to strength-  Bastille festival, Cap Classique and Champagne festival, Franschhoek Culinary Collective further entice visitors to support the immense creative efforts and achievements of the tight-knit local community.   

New projects and developments, varied accommodation options within the village and beyond, as well as the rise of fine-dining establishments set amongst the vineyards, as well as throughout the main road, only further emphasize the 'pull' of Franschhoek- and the faith in the diverse and prospering market.   The Franschhoek Wine Tram continues to pull in the crowds and has been a major contributing factor in making wine farms even more accessible to visitors and getting feet through the picturesque town. A mere hour’s drive from Cape Town and with more than enough on offer to keep every traveller type entertained and in awe.   

Patrons and supporters of all things Franschhoek are invited to join in the celebrations around all that the Valley of Dreams' offers up in abundance.   Winter specials and all updated partner info are available via the new Franschhoek Wine Valley website.